How Much Does it Cost to Lift a House and Replace the Foundation in Northern Colorado?

a picture of a house

Lifting your house and replacing the foundation is sometimes necessary to address structural issues, improve flood resilience, or enhance property value. This is a major renovation and isn’t cheap. Still, it can be essential for maintaining a home’s safety and integrity, especially in areas prone to flooding or where the original foundation has degraded due […]

What is Excavation?

A construction worker performing an excavation

What is Excavation? Everything You Need to Know Excavation plays an essential role in construction, archaeology, environmental science, and more. It involves moving earth, rock, and other materials using tools, heavy machinery, and sometimes, explosives. As excavation experts, we know a thing or two about the process, whether excavating driveways, preparing construction sites, or installing […]

What is Construction Site Prep?

A construction company prepping a site

What is Construction Site Prep? Construction site preparation is a foundational step in the building process, laying the groundwork for all subsequent construction activities. Proper site preparation ensures the project’s safety, efficiency, and structural integrity. This process involves a variety of tasks, from clearing the land and testing the soil to grading for drainage and […]